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Nutraceutical is formed from the words nutrients and pharmaceuticals and is a portmanteau word. This word was coined in 1989 by Dr. Stephen L DeFelice of New Jersey.  This word encompasses many things like dietary supplements, isolated nutrients, herbal products and sometimes processed food is also included into this. The US law has not accepted this but the Canadian law has defined it as a product which is isolated or purified from foods. The end product need not be used in food and is sold like medicines. The use of nutraceutical must give physiological well being or protect from chronic diseases. Though this term is yet to be used internationally we are using it because our products are made from isolating components from food.

Two Classifications Of Nutraceuticals

These nutraceuticals are gaining a lot of importance and the primary reason is the promise of anti-aging. Now who does not want to postpone aging? These essential oils help to keep you fit and control or slow the onset of aging signs. There are chemically made medicines and ointments which can give this kind of effect but when it is made from natural herbs the side effects are almost nil. For this reason the demand for the oils is rising every year in most of the countries and the biggest market is in the US. There is a great demand for this in Japan also. In all the other countries the market is catching up.

Nutraceuticals is broadly classified into dietary supplements and functional foods. When these products are added to the natural state of food it is called functional food. It is not in a capsule form. Like something added to milk; this is functional food nutraceuticals. The nutraceuticals in functional food goes through a process of nutrification. With this process the levels of the nutrient components is maintained even after the food is processed. That is it is actually restored to the same levels when it is used.

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Dietary supplements are more popular and are in the form of capsules, powders, softgels, tablets, gelcaps or liquids which should be taken along with the regular food. This gives extra nutrients other than what is got from the regular food. Dietary supplements are used by body builders to gain that extra muscle. For this, protein is the main nutrient that is extracted and whey protein is considered the best. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are also extracted to make dietary supplements.

Since the law on nutraceuticals is not very clear, the rules and regulations about its certification are not done. It might be enforced soon but as of now making nutraceuticals is not bound by any controlling body.  There are many pharmaceutical companies and bio companies that make these products. The vision of Aramacs is to make excellent nutraceutical products. We are already manufacturing our products by following all safety rules; therefore any regulatory body will pass our products, when it comes to that. Our products are being exported all over the world and they have been accepted very well.