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Aramacs was established in 2012 with a vision of making people aware of the goodness of herbal extracts. The work is catching on. Our dealings are very transparent and you will enjoy your transactions with us. However some information has to be made private and that is the privacy of the customer information. We have taken utmost care to ensure that our customer’s details are protected. This one-on-one dealing will ensure that all the interests of the customers are safeguarded. At the same time the valued customers get all the benefits that are due to them.

Personal Details Protected
When the transaction begins we collect even personal information. Address, telephone numbers, name are the details that will be collected even if you contact us for information. This contact need not become a sales contact for us yet we will need all your details. If you do not become our customer, we will store away your details only to use them if there are any offers or discounts happening in our shop. Whatever details you have given us will not leak out in any way. Any personal query will be answered to you alone and it will not be made public. We are sure your information or query will only help do our work in a better manner.

If there is information which you would want to share publicly that will come up in the public forum page. This can be useful for new customers. There are companies that will share the database but we do not do it. Your information, personal or non-personal will not be given to any other company or organisation. Information given to us by you can be corrected or deleted at your request. All you have to do is contact us through an email and convey the change you desire.

Read The Privacy Policy well
The hardware for storing and safeguarding the information of our customers are also the latest. The information is stored as hard copy which is kept under lock and key. When it comes to online shopping, credit card numbers have to be given. This can be rattling as we have seen many cases of the numbers being misused. This will not happen with us. We have an effective system in place. The electronic security and data encryption is one of the finest. It is not completely dependent on the system. There is manual checking of the details and this double check ensures nothing goes wrong.

We might ask detailed personal questions like age, skin type, and health conditions to send the right oil for you. All this comes under our privacy policy and you need to abide by it. The privacy policies are subject to change from time to time and our customers will be informed of it. We do not stand by the privacy policy of the websites that sell our products. So be careful when you buy our products from any other website. For more details you can contact us on our email id and we will be more than willing to help you.