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Aramacs was established in the year 2012 and it was started with a great vision. The vision was to bring quality herbal products to the people. India has its own field of medicine called Ayurveda which mostly uses herbs and plants for treatment of many diseases. This treatment is as old as the Vedas and it is said the father of this science is Sushruta. So this land has always known the wonder that plants, herbs and seeds can do. We have just taken a leaf out of that mammoth tree called Ayurveda and decided to bring the goodness of the plants in simpler form.

International Standards

We have a wide range of products that caters to different industries. We cover all the aspects of selling. We manufacture the products and distribute it through our agents. In the manufacturing unit we ensure that the best raw materials are purchased. Raw materials are leaves, herbs, bark, nuts, spices and so many other naturally growing products. Our unit also uses the latest technology to make the products – extracts from these natural products. Our raw materials are purchased directly from the farmers and from the whole sale centres.

With our experience, we are able to buy materials from the place where it is grown as a native plant. Therefore our sourcing extends all over India. We sell raw materials as well. With this we make sure that only the best quality product reaches our factory, be it for sales or manufacture. Our extraction process is done using the latest methods and we also educate our customers about these processes. We have an in-house laboratory where the testing is done. Quality checking is carried out by some of the best testing methods in the world. The products that come out of our company are, therefore, naturally of very high quality and is exported world over.

Transparent Transactions

We maintain an international standard and this makes our customers come back to us all the time. We have priced the products and raw materials with minimum margins so that we can pass on the benefits to our customers. We believe like the purity of the nature around us, we too have to honest in all our dealings. All our transactions with our customers and dealers are very transparent. Customer satisfaction is the top priority. Suggestions are most welcome from any quarters for we believe only a concerted effort will help Aramacs to scale greater heights.

Some of our prime products are Almond oil, Cucumber oil seed, Neem seed oil, Tomato seed oil, Castor seed oil and the list goes on. All these are carrier oils which mean they are seed oil extracted via cold press. Some of the essential oils manufactured by us are Carrot seed oil, Lemongrass oil, Cardamom oil, Cedar wood oil. For more details on our products, click on products. Apart from oils we also manufacture Nutraceuticals and Co2 extracts. We have a wide range of end use customers. It is used in soaps, candle, perfumes, food flavouring, cosmetics and by therapists both aroma and pharmaceutical.

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