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Floral Absolutes

We supply various types of absolutes available from nature, Uncut and pure , Free from any contamination.

Pure Absolutes are very costly as they involves a lot of flowers in the process of extraction, Please contact us for placing orders of small (1 oz ) or large quantities.

Common Name Botanical Name
Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute Jasmine Grandiflorum
Jasmine Sambac Absolute Jasmine Sambac
Jasmine Auriculatum Absolute Jasmine Auriculatum
Frangipani Absolute Pulmeria
Red Champaka Absolute Magnolia champaca
White Champaka Absolute Magnolia champaca
Pink Lotus Absolute Nelumbo nucifera
White Lotus Absolute Nelumbo nucifera
Mimosa Absolute Acacia dealbata
Rose Absolute Rosa Damacene
Tuberose Absoltue Polianthes tuberosa
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