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Jojoba oil

Technical Data Sheets : MSDSCOAGLC

Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis

Common Method of Extraction: Cold pressed/unrefined

Parts Used: Seeds

Note Classification:

Aroma: Jojoba oil is odourless and colourless.

Largest Producing Countries: The largest Jojoba oil producing countries are United States of America, Mexico, Israel and Argentina.

Traditional Use: Jojoba oil became known to the world through the Spanish missionaries. The oil is crushed from the seeds of the jojoba plant which is seen in the deserts of South California. Native Americans used this oil for cosmetics, medicinal and dietary purposes. The Spanish missionaries found out about this use by the natives and introduce this oil to the other parts of the west.


Jojoba oil is not oil but a wax. Because of the liquid nature it is called oil. Its shelf life is much more than other essential oils. Jojoba oil is found as a preservative in lots of cosmetic products. It is sure to be in a product where it is sold as being made from natural ingredients. It is also a part of many lotions, moisturizers, hair conditioners and shampoos. The oil can be used directly on skin, hair and nails.  It acts as an excellent fungicide and is ideal to control mildew. Many countries have tried out using jojoba oil as biodiesel and have found out that it is a cheap and sustainable option for petroleum diesel. Jojoba oil when consumed is non digestible and can cause a condition called steatorrhea.

People prefer to use the jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer during the night because it gives an extra shine when used during the day time. It is a very good after shower body moisturizer. Spreading a few drops on the body will not make the skin dry and patchy. The oil can be used on the lips as a lip balm and is very good for chapped lips. It helps to treat the dried cuticles. It can be used as hair treatment oil and is also a good makeup remover. Removing makeup is very easy with jojoba oil and even eye makeup can be removed easily with this oil. Applying jojoba oil on the skin before shaving makes the skin smooth and soft after the shave.

Blends Well With: Jojoba oil blends very well with sandalwood, patchouli, rose, palmarosa and a series of essential oils.

Of Interest: In 1971 when United States of America banned the use of whale oil, Jojoba oil came in as a replacement for whale oil. It was used as a replacement of other derivatives of whale oil like cetyl alcohol. Once people started using jojoba oil they realised that it was better than the whale oil in the production of cosmetics and other industries.

Safety Data: Jojoba oil is usually safe when used on skin. For some people the oil can cause irritation of the skin and rashes. It is not safe to take it in through mouth. Pregnant women and breast feeding women can use the oil on the skin after consulting the doctor before use.

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