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Botanical Name: Luffa cylindrica from cucurbitaceae family

Technical Data Sheets : MSDSCOAGLC

Common Method of Extraction: Cold pressed

Parts Used: Dried Seed

Note Classification: Herbal

Color : Greenish Brown

Producing Countries: China, Korea, India, Japan, Africa and Central America.

Traditional Use: Luffa Cylindrica oil is used cosmetics to give a softer and smoother skin. It is a plant material that comes from the fruit of the natural vegetable sponge, luffa cylindrical, and looks like a cucumber. Luffa or loofah are already a part of beauty and skin treatment, often used as bath sponges for their gentle exfoliating properties. The luffa cylindrica dried seeds are pressed to produce the oil.

The oil from this seed is an excellent lubricant, and externally used for shingles and boils, leprosy and skin diseases. The seed is an expectorant and used in dysentery. Luffa cylindrica is used for its antifungal, anti-tumour and anti-inflammatory properties. The oils prevent synthesis of certain proteins and are also toxic to skin cancer cells. The oil is high in essential amino acid called arginine. It has laxative properties and it provides essential and valuable minerals needed for good body development. The oil is widely used in sunscreens, sunless tanning products, anti-aging products, moisturisers and treatments, body oils and facial cleansers.

The high content of arginine plays an important role in cell division and healing of wounds, provides healthy cell benefits when used in facial makeup. The seed oil is a rich emollient that adds softness and gentleness to the skin. Because it is a natural vegetable oil, it contains moisturizing elements for use in anti-aging cosmetics. The nasal sprays containing the oil help control seasonal allergies and it is also good for sinusitis. It is good for treating and preventing cold, pain, and menstrual problems, removing dead skin, stimulating the skin infection in the face and eye area and many other conditions.

Blends Well With: Luffa cylindrica oil blends well with carrier oils

Of Interest: Luffa cylindrica plants are native to India and are often grown in Florida, due to their sensitivity to cold. The luffa cylindrica plant has different uses, and some types are edible luffa that can be found in Asian markets. The Chinese used luffa cylindrica as an herbal medicine in powdered form. Luffa cylindrica is a sub-tropical plant, which needs warm summer temperatures and long frost-free growing season when grown in temperate regions. It is an annual climbing plant which produces fruit containing fibrous vascular system. It is summer season vegetable. They have a long history of cultivation in the tropical countries of Asia and Africa. Indo-Burma is reported to be the centre of diversity for sponge gourd. The main commercial production countries are China, Korea, India, Japan and Central America.

Safety Data: Luffa cylindrica is generally safe to use. It is possibly safe when taken by mouth in food amount but it is better to consult a registered doctor before using the oil. Pregnant women and breast feeding women should take expert advice before using the oil.

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