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Radish Seed Oil

Technical Data Sheets : MSDSCOAGLC

Botanical Name: Raphanus Sativus from the Brassicales family

Common Method of Extraction: Cold pressed method is the common method of extraction

Parts Used: Seeds

Note Classification: NA

Aroma: Odourless

Largest Producing Countries: Radish is believed to have its origin in South East Asia but it has spread all over the world. It is widely used in cooking in Asian countries. Oaxaca in Mexico has a special day for radish on December 23rd and is called the Night of the Radish. Radish is cultivated commercially in Japan, China, Korea, Texas, Philippines and California.

Traditional Use: The origin of the plant is traced to South East Asia. It was found in Central China, India and some parts of South East Asia. It was in 3rd century BC in Greece and 1st century AD in Rome. Radish is first crop introduced in America by the Europeans. Radish helps to cleanse the liver and stomach and also purifies the blood. It has good sulphur content which keep hypothyroidism in check. Radish controls damage to the red blood cells, and in the procedure increases oxygen supply to the blood. Radish and its oil are high on fibre and it provides enough roughage and fibre if consumed in moderate quantity and improves digestion. It also controls bile production, protects your liver and the gall bladder, and takes care of water retention in the body. Radish seed oil keeps the heart function properly reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is also high on vitamin C, flavonoids and folic acid. It is good source of potassium and this helps in lowering the blood pressure. It keeps the blood flow in control especially if you suffer from hypertension. It has a cooling effect on the blood.

Blends Well With: Radish seed oil blends well with ginger root oil

Of Interest: Radish is packed with Vitamins E, A, C, B6, and K and antioxidants, fiber, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, calcium,iron and manganese. Radish juice is good for the skin. It gives your skin special boosters to stay healthy, and that’s mostly because of the Vitamin C, zinc, and phosphorus and it keeps dryness, acne, pimples, and rashes away. The oil, if applied on your hair, helps to remove dandruff, prevent hair loss, and strengthens the root too. Radish seed oil has high vitamin C and it can protect you from common cold and cough and generally improve the immune system. It controls harmful free radicals, inflammation and early aging. Radish plays an important role in the generation of collagen, which in turn boosts the blood vessels and decreases our chances of getting atherosclerosis. Radish is not only good for your digestive system, but it also helps to fix acidity, obesity, gastric problems, and nausea, among others.

Safety Data: Radish seed oil is generally safe for most people but if consumed in large quantity it may irritate the digestive tract. It is better to be safe and not use this oil during pregnancy and breast feeding. Do not have radish in any form if you have problems of gallstones.

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