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Betel leaf oil

Technical Data Sheets : MSDSCOAGLC

Botanical Name: Piper betle- family name piperaceae, common name -betel

Common Method of Extraction: The common method of extraction of the oil is steam distillation. Young betel leaves give the maximum yield. Fresh betel leaves are steam distilled to get the oil.

Parts Used:  Leaf

Note Classification:  Middle

Aroma: The aroma of the betel leaf oil is sharp and it taste bitter. The colour of the oil is bright brown to yellow. The colour depends on the type of leaf distilled.

Largest Producing Countries:  Betel leaf oil is produced mainly in the South East Asian countries and South Asia. India is the leading producer of betel leaf oil.

Traditional Use:  Betel vine cultivation started in South Asia and India was and is the highest producer of betel leaf oil. The origin of the plant is in the Malay Archipelago and from there it spread to Asia and Malaysia. People have started using betel leaves and its oil 2000 years back. India soon became the leading producer of betel leaf oil.


Betel leaf oil has many medicinal properties. It is a carminative, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, stimulant and aromatic. It is considered as a very breath freshener and has the ability to cure worms. Betel quid is a strong carcinogenic. It contains several health benefits and has many healing properties. It is filled with calcium, vitamin C, carotene, riboflavin, niacin and thiamine. The oil is used for ear pain, boils and sore throat. It is good for inflammation due to orchitis and arthritis. The oil is good for treating urinary infection, constipation, headache, nervous pain, lumbago, wounds and debility. It has the power to control blood sugar and it is an antiseptic, anti-spasm and pain killer.

The betel leaf oil has the power to preserve teeth and it can also harden gums. It can be a good tonic if mixed with honey. In Ayurveda it is used to sure worms. Betel leaf oil is good for problems related to stomach and for gastrointestinal disorders. Betel leaf mixed with coconut oil makes a good remedy for lower back pain. The oil is used in aromatherapy. The betel leaf is chewed in some places in India as a digestive. The oil makes sure that the pimples and other skin related problems are cured by the use of it.

Blends Well With:  Betel Leaf oil blends well with clove, cinnamon and cardamom oils.

Of Interest:  The betel plant is a creeper and it needs a suitable tree or a pole nearby for support. The plant needs high land and fertile soil to grow up. It will not grow in waterlogged, salty and alkali soil. Betel quid consumed by many people all over the world consists of betel leaf with areca nut. Depending on the person consuming it lime or tobacco will be added to it. For the plant to grow dried leaves, wood ash and cow dung slurry will be applied.

Safety Data: Betel leaf oil does not have any known toxicity. It is better to avoid this oil during pregnancy.

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