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Cubeb Oil

Technical Data Sheets : MSDSCOAGLC

Botanical Name: Piper cubeba

Common Method of Extraction: Steam distillation

Parts Used: Berries

Note Classification: Medium

Aroma: Light- Medium, Warm, sweet, slightly peppery

Largest Producing Countries: Cubeb oil is widely found in Malaysia and Indonesia and was brought to Europe by the Arabs through Venetian Trade. The plant is widely grown in China and India.

Traditional Use: Cubeb has been used from the 4th Century BC. The plant was traded between the Greeks and Java of cubeb. There is a mention of cubeb in the 9th century book “One Thousand and one nights” which says that the use of cubeb can treat infertility. Cubeb essential oil comprises primarily of sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpenols and is a beautiful essential oil to try for respiratory issues, pain relief, and digestive complaints. Cubeb Oil is a light, calming essential oil which can help you balance the emotions, softening the edges and helping to gently energize as needed. It makes a wonderful supporting essential oil for blends intended to help elevate and boost without being too exciting. Cubeb has been one of the valuable spices during the middle ages and was used as seasoning for meat dishes or used in sauces. One of the medieval recipes includes cubeb in making sauce sarcenes. Cubeb is often candied and consumes whole. It is widely seen in Moroccan cuisines and is used in savoury dishes and pastries like markouts, little diamonds of semolina added with honey and dates. It is also widely seen in Indonesian dishes and curries. Cubeb oil has been an ingredient since 2000 in cigarettes in North Carolina. Cubic is also an ingredient in Bombay Sapphire gin since 1987. It is also found in the dark brown Russian vodka called Pertsovka which is prepared from the brew of cubeb and capsicum peppers.

Blends Well With: Cubeb oil blends well with other spice oils and it blends well with vanilla CO2, copaiba balsam and other essential oil in the citrus and wood family. It blends well with vetiver or patchouli essential oils also. It blends well with rose, jasmine, geranium and ylang-ylang also.

Of Interest: Fragrantly, Cubeb Essential Oil is warm, sweet oil with a slight spicy characteristic. Cubeb oil has resemblances to Black Pepper but is not as peppery in aroma as Black Pepper Essential Oil. Cubeb is an easier, smoother, warming essential oil. Cubeb Essential Oil may be the perfect alternative if you find Black Pepper oil too strong for your uses. The berries of cubeb are used in love-drawing magic spells by hoodoo practitioners which is an African-American form of folk magic.

Safety Data: It is advised to not consume any oil internally without the guidance of qualified personnel. Do not apply undiluted oil to the skin. It is better not to use the oil if you are pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage, and have cancer or any other medical problem. Use oil only under the guidance of a proper aromatherapy practitioner. Be extra careful when using oil with children and look out for the dilution ratios for children.

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