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Tomar seed oil

Technical Data Sheets : MSDSCOAGLC

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum armatum

Family Name: Rutaceae

Common Method of Extraction: Tomar seed oil is extracted from the seeds of this tree through steam distillation method.

Parts Used: Seeds

Note Classification: Missing

Aroma: Tomar seed oil has naturally spicy, woody, warm, peppery, rich and floral aroma.

Largest Producing Countries: Tomar tree is a native of Eastern Asia to China along the Himalayas and some parts of India.

Traditional Use: Tomar tree and its oil are used by different communities around the world. The social and ethnic group of the Uttaranchal state of India use tomar tree and oil for food, barter and medicine. People use almost every part of the tree like fruit, bark stem, leaves etc. The decoction extracted from its bark, fruits and seeds were used as sweet smelling tonic for treating fever, cholera and dyspepsia. Tomar fruits are used as spices, condiments, medicine and as flavouring agents for soups and other orthodox dishes. It is used as a reliable remedy for treating cough, stomach problems, common cold, toothache and fever. It is also believed that the Sino-Annamites used the fruits and leaves of this tree as an emmenagogue, astringent and carminative. The branches of this tree are used as a natural toothbrush. A fresh or dried Tomar fruit is kept on the affected tooth for curing toothache instantly. In Ayurveda the Tomar tree is known as Tumburu or Gandhalu. Tomar seed oil which is extracted from the seeds of this tree have healing properties like antiseptic, hepatoprotective, stomachic, disinfectant, deodorant, anthelmintic and carminative. Tomar seed oil has antioxidant properties and contains phenolic compounds. Tomar seed oil is highly effective for treating liver disorder as per Ayurveda. The presence of ethanolic extracts in Tomar seed oil has hepatoprotective effect against liver damage by regularizing the increased levels of the hepatic enzymes. It also has protecting effect on the plasma membrane of hepatocytes. Tomar seed oil has close to 28 compounds and the main ones are monoterpenes and oxygenated monoterpenes. The oil has antifungal properties against 24 different kinds of fungi. The oil works well as an effective repellent. Its powerful larvicidal activities against three mosquito routes make it an effective natural alternative to chemical larvicides. Tomar seed oil provides natural warmness to the body and is highly recommended for problems like rheumatism, bronchitis, varicose veins, cholera and toothaches.

Blends Well With: Tomar seed oil blends well with all carrier oils like coconut oil etc.

Of Interest: Ayurvedic system has used Tomar seeds and its oil for treating many health conditions like oral problems and that is why this tree has been named as Toothache tree. Tomar tree is also known popularly as prickly ash, suterberry, yellow wood, tumbru, darmar, tumru, timroo, tejphal and mukthrubi. The oil has a plae yellow colour and is used widely for making incenses, perfumes, forest notes, colognes and many other superior floral compositions. This tree is considered to have religious importance and magical powers.

Safety Data: It is better to avoid using the oil during pregnancy and lactation. Keep the oil away from your eyes. Never use the oil on children without expert opinion.

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